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A balance may relieve distress in any arena of your life; including spirituality, physical or emotional health, financial prosperity, interpersonal relationships, career, self-esteem, or unresolved grief and loss. I facilitate your personal growth by leading you, balance by balance, from your potential; to your empowerment. Simultaneously accessing the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious aspects of the mind; a balance aligns your beliefs with your true intentions. Addressing only subconscious beliefs, sessions do not treat or diagnose symptoms or disease.


 Prior to your sessions, please watch this video, The Psychology of Change. Rob Williams explains the principles and demonstrates practices utilized in a session. Also watch this video, The Biology of Belief. Bruce Lipton explains his theories of new biology, including epigenetics.


The Psychology of Change. Rob Williams


The Biology of Belief. Bruce Lipton



Session Fees


Conducted on Skype or by telephone, distance sessions are as effective as a personal session. (Being physically present is not necessary, since the sessions are performed in the quantum field).  Multiple session discounts are available for packages of 3 or 5 sessions.


1  Session costs $125. per hour (1.5 hours minimum)

3  Sessions cost $360. for 3 hours

5  Sessions cost $500. for 5 hours


Non-Fee Consultation


A brief phone conversation is available to answer your questions and provide further details. Contact me at 910. 795. 9478. I return voice messages, texts and emails within 24 hours.




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PSYCH-K represents one of the most important, efficient, effective, and rapid change processes that is available on this planet today.

Dr. Bruce Lipton





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